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1ère bonne raison d'acheter chez Vins et Milésimes Fine wine specialists

vinsetmillesimes.com is much more than an internet retailer. vinsetmillesimes.com is part of ANGEL WINE, a company founded in 2006 by qualified wine enthusiasts, experienced in selecting vintage wines from verified and irreproachable domains, and in unearthing wines with distinctive character.


2ème bonne raison d'acheter chez Vins et Milésimes One team at your service

Vinsetmillesimes.com is a human-sized work team of 10 people ; French, English and Italian speaking, friendly, reactive, responsive and always available to offer you the best service ! From the registration of your order to its fast delivery, in a very secure packaging, whatever your destination is, our team will always be present to answer your questions and help you in the choice of your wines! Contact us on [email protected] to ask all your questions ! 

3ème bonne raison d'acheter chez Vins et Milésimes Professional wine tasters 

Whilst it is true to say that certain legendary chateaux have joined the ranks of the most prestigious objects of speculation, we believe that, fundamentally, wine is an extraordinary product which should be discovered, enjoyed, and shared. At vinsetmillesimes.com, we believe that personally selecting and tasting the wines we offer is essential. In the ‘Tasted and approved’ and ‘Top Tips’ sections, we share with you a selection of wines which, in our opinion, deserve your attention. Some are unanimously adopted by experienced tasters, and others raise debate, but, considering their inherent quality, we believe that you should have the pleasure of forming your own opinion.

Our team also often taste wines together during our teambuilding dinners or during tasting competitions. You can find detailed photos and comments of tasted wines on Instagram or on our Blog ! Also, one of our founders is often on the podium of wine tasting competitions in France... 


3ème bonne raison d'acheter chez Vins et Milésimes Passionate and Respectful

We are particularly attentive to the conditions in which our wines are stored. Each bottle is kept in ideal conditions, laid in the dark in a cellar kept at 14°C and 75% humidity in our air conditioned warehouse.


We have one of the largest choices of in-stock wines on internet !

We keep over 6000 different wines in stock, ranging from affordably priced ‘revelations’ to a broad range of mature fine wines. We also stock older vintages, some dating from the first half of the last century, which makes vinsetmillesimes.com a unique source of exceptional gifts for special occasions such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Whether your search is guided by a chateau or by a date, for your personal pleasure or for a gift, we sincerely hope and believe that you will find what you are looking for on vinsetmillesimes.com.


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