Chartogne Taillet

The house Chartogne Taillet is located in Merfy, 8 km from Reims, on the Massif of Saint-Thierry (in southern exposure) where Alexandre Chartogne has taken over from his parents Philippe and Elisabeth since 2006, at only 22 years old. The vineyard is made up of 11 ha divided into fifteen parcels, including the 3 key grape varieties of Champagne: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay but also some Arbanne. Alexandre Chartogne-Taillet decided to produce real terroir champagnes here and to evolve the classic style of the house, orienting it towards a better understanding of the soil by meticulous selection of the parcels.

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Alexandre has his parcels analysed each year by international experts Claude and Lydia Bourguignon, to know exactly the health of the soil flora and fauna, also in order to preserve,understand  and to maintain the soil.

Vinification is therefore done parcel by parcel, in order to be able to keep its unique character, and the vine is cultivated according to the precepts of biodynamic culture. Having studied for 1 year at Anselme Selosse, and endowed with a few sectors, such as the remarkable Bars, which can give wines of great originality, Alexandre refines and lengthens his breeding with wines that promise a lot.In the winery, it was decided to work in a complementary manner on the wood (barrel) and stainless steel (tank). Between 6 and 10 cuvees are produced depending on the year, and it is advisable to keep wines in the cellar for 1 to 2 years, in order to further improve their taste qualities. At the Chartogne Taillet estate, the Sainte Anne cuvée is a very balanced, with great texture. The Chartogne Taillet Chemin de Reims cuvée offers a gourmet nose, which immediately evokes pastry, milk, and vanilla notes. After a few minutes of aeration, this cuvée reveals all its power, but also a mineral frame. 100% blanc de blancs, made with Chardonnay from the Merfy region, this cuvée has the distinction of being vinified in an ovoid concrete tank (called egg). The ovoid shape of the tank causes a sort of perpetual movement of the wine. Chartogne Taillet's Les Beaux Sens cuvée is a champagne that offers a remarkable spicy and tasty expression of Pinot Meunier. This white Champagne takes its name from the Les Beaux Sens plot, located in Merfy, on the Montagne de Reims, whose soil is made up of sand draining on chalk. The Pinots Meuniers are deep and dense here, and the Les Beaux Sens cuvée is aged in oak barrels. This champagne with a fine and silky texture has a beautiful aromatic intensity on the palate. The Chartogne Taillet Les Orizeaux cuvee comes from a parcel that shines with the consistency and regularity of its Pinot Noir grapes. It is a Champagne that combines the generosity of Pinot Noir with the freshness of this unique terroir. On the palate, we can distinguish notes of coffee, a touch of bitterness and a nice aromatic amplitude. Les Orizeaux de Chartogne-Taillet is a superb champagne  worthy of accompanying a meal. In general, Champagne Chartogne Taillet are recommended for lovers of terroir wines.

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