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Which 2015 wine to buy? Our 2015 best buying advices

The 2015 Bordeaux wines are overall very good. In Burgundy, the 2015 red Grands crus and Premiers Crus wines are magnificient. In terms of Burgundy white, the Maconnais (Pouilly Fuisse) is very promising and seems to represent a good alternative (such as Saint Aubin designation in the Cote de Beaune). The Beaujolais Crus were exceptional in 2015 and to be kept in good cellar. In Northern Rhone, Condrieu, Cote Rotie, and Hermitage will be highly sought after, but we must not neglect the Saint Joseph or the Crozes Hermitage wines. In the Loire Valley, 2015 Bourgueil, 2015 Chinon and 2015 Saumur Champigny are at a very top level (like the 2015 red Sancerre). If you’re looking for a sweet wine from 2015, you should look at Vouvray wines (such as those from Foreau and Huet estates) which offer very great 2015 wines. Finally, in Alsace, you should buy one of the superb 2015 Pinot Gris produced, or even rediscover the red Pinot Noir from Alsace!

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