Didier Dagueneau

Didier Dagueneau's Sauvignon Blanc wines and his famous estate are renowned all over the world 

The wines of Domaine Didier Dagueneau

The vineyards are located in Saint Landelin, in the Nievre region, and cover 12 ha. Didier Dagueneau, a world-famous winegrower, left his footprint on the Pouilly Fume designation. Sometimes nicknamed the "Pope of Sauvignon", he created iconic cuvees, of incredible purity. He also left his mark in the South West of the country, and precisely in the Jurancon designation, by creating the domaine Jardins de Babylone: an estate of 3 ha terraced vineyards located on the hillsides of a village called Aubertin. This estate is renowned for its vivid and sharp wines. Didier Dagueneau died in 2008 in a tragic ultralight flight. This genius winegrower, whose mentor was Henri Jayer, has not been forgotten. Today, his daughter Charlotte Dagueneau and his son Louis-Benjamin Dagueneau are running this exceptional estate. The elitist and artisanal style of Domaine Dagueneau is therefore still alive.

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Didier Dagueneau Le Mont Damné 2019 Magnum
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Loire | Vin de France
Didier Dagueneau Le Mont Damné 2019 Magnum
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Didier Dagueneau Blanc Etc 2019
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Loire | Vin de France
Didier Dagueneau Blanc Etc 2019
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Didier Dagueneau Buisson Renard 2019
Les Mieux Notés
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Loire | Vin de France
Didier Dagueneau Buisson Renard 2019
€126.00 inc-VAT
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The vineyard is mainly located on the Pouilly Fume appellation area, but the Dagueneau estate also produce a few bottles of Sancerre, on the famous Monts Damnes terroir. The vines are grown in the organic way of cultivation but are not certified as such. Little amount of sulphur is therefore added during the winemaking process. In these vineyards, harvest is manual and done only when the grapes are fully ripe. The wines are aged on lees for months and are not racked in order to get that crystal-clear Sauvignon Blanc colour. The ageing process is done in barrels so that the Dagueneau wines get their full-bodied structure and that great ageing potential. Many sommeliers and wine enthusiasts would tell you that the Dagueneau white wines have that unique Sauvignon Blanc flavour. These wines are among the best of all Pouilly Fume cuvees. The Pouilly Fume Dagueneau wines – such as the rare Asteroide cuvee (made from non-grafted wines), the Silex cuvee (made from vines grown on flinty-clay soils, giving its name to the wine, as “silex” is the French word for “flint”), the Pur Sang Cuvee, the Buisson Renard cuvee, and the Blanc Fume de Pouilly cuvee – are wines that reached their designation's top level of preciseness, balance and complexity. These terroir wines display intense mineral flavours. They are powerful, distinguished and fresh wines. The wines of Domaine Dagueneau are the Holy Grail of the Pouilly Fume PDO. The Blanc Fume de Pouilly doesn't have to be aged to be appreciated, unlike the other great cuvees of the estate that will only display their full potential after some time in the cellar.

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