Nicolas Joly Coulee de Serrant

Clos de la Coulee de Serrant: Nicolas Joly's iconic estate

The wines of Domaine Coulee de Serrant

The Clos de la Coulee de Serrant historical vineyard is a real star of the Loire Valley and Savennieres. The first vines were planted in 1130 by Cistercian monks. Nicolas Joly owns the whole 7-hectare vineyard, and work with his daughter, Virginie. In 1984 it was decided that a more natural approach would be better for the Domaine of la Coulee de Serrant, and the whole vineyard has been cultivated according to the biodynamic principles since then. The Chenin vines that are grown in the vineyard are 40 to 80 years old. They're located on the Loire river banks, on hillsides facing South and South-East, with spectacular slopes on some parts. The soils are made of very thin red shale for the monopoly vineyard of Coulee de Serrant (20 to 40 cm), and only slightly thicker (40 to 80 cm) for Nicolas Joly's Le Clos de la Bergerie cuvee. The Coulee de Serrant estate has low yields, 20 to 25 hL/ha for Coulee de Serrant designation (while 40 hL would be allowed), and 25 to 30 hL for the Clos de la Bergerie cuvee (while 50 hL would be allowed). As for the Vieux Clos cuvee, Nicolas Joly's third cuvee, the yields range from 30 to 35 hL/ha, even though the vines are younger and therefore more productive. All in all, the Domaine de la Coulee de Serrant only produces 50,000 bottles a year, therefore guarantying exceptional quality. The vineyard that overlooks the Loire river, facing South/South-East, is partly cultivated by hand and thanks to horses. Work methods are the same for the three cuvees - La Coulee de Serrant, Les Vieux Clos, and le Clos de la Bergerie - and successive harvests are done (4 to 5 times on a 3 to 5-week period) therefore ensuring to pick the grapes at their best (when they're of golden colour). Nicolas Joly once said: “When harvest is done too soon, you get that fresh taste with fruit notes that are easy to get but, for me, this is not what a Protected Designation of Origin cuvee should be like. When harvest is done when the grapes are really ripe, that's when you get to the full complexity of a Protected Designation of Origin". This way of thinking can be felt in the very special style of the Coulee de Serrant wines. Indeed, these wines are full of unique candied citrus, flower and mineral flavours. Some of us could say these wines are for professionals or wine-lovers only, but nobody can remain unmoved by these wines’ flavours. Taste them, do not hesitate to decant them, and keep your bottles open for a few days, you will see that they remain incredibly constant in taste, without oxidation.Prefer the old bottles to the great vintages, they will allow you to make up your own mind. Does the Coulee de Serrant cuvee deserve to be listed in the world top 5 white wines (along with YquemMontrachetChateau Grillet and Chateau Chalon), as Curnonsky said in the 1930s? Yes, definitely! 

Discover the wines of Domaine Coulee de Serrant and other red Loirewhite Loire, and rose Loire wines in the Savennieres appellation, like Baumard and Pierre Bise, and other stars of the Loire Valley such as Clos RougeardAllietDagueneauFrancois CotatGerard BoulayAlphonse MellotVacheronJacky Blot… Find all the young and old vintages on Vins & Millesimes, the website that gives you the opportunity to buy the best bottles of wines and grands crus online. All our wines are in stock for fast delivery! Discover Nicolas Joly's Coulee de Serrant bottles and magnums available for purchase!

The picture shows a bottle of Coulée de Serrant from domaine Nicolas Joly in the Loire valley.

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