Our view on the 1984 vintage

A small vintage for Bordeaux wines which produced fairly austere, tannic and acidic 1984 red Bordeaux wines. 2 events explain this: a disturbed flowering in May (coulure for the Merlot) and a cyclone (Hortense) which hit the Bordeaux vineyard at the end of September, pouring its rains and winds, and carrying away the last hopes for a very great vintage especially for Merlot wines (the wines from the Right Bank such as Saint Emilion and Pomerol). The harvest of the Cabernet Sauvignon which had resist better happened then, but the red wines, although of great ageing potential (like the 1984 Grands Crus wines), turned out to be fairly acidic, austere and tannic (the merlot missing to round them up). Then cellaring will help them to open up. Some properties on the Right Bank downgraded their production, and even Chateau Petrus produced only 20% of its usual harvest. In Sauternes, 1984 produced some elegant sweet Bordeaux wines, but the vintage will not be remembered. The 1984 Burgundy wines were no more spared: the difficult flowering, the August storms, the cold and the September rains having led to millerandage (fruit set issue) and strong chaptalization of the wines, making them unusual. As for Champagne, the wines of the Rhone Valley, the Loire wines or wines of Alsace, the 1984 vintage is of rather average.

Which 1984 wine to buy? Our 1984 best buying advices

If you’d like to buy a wine of 1984 (ready to drink wine and to offer as a 1984 vintage anniversary) , know that the 1984 Bordeaux, are intensely coloured (Cabernet Sauvignon) but that the weakness of the Merlot gives them a tight profile, missing a little of the undeniable charm with which the great mature Bordeaux wines are endowed. In the other regions, the 1984 vintage is considered to be quite weak.

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